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You could use this site to find recent news and pictures of the Governor's working visits, to read the speeches of the Governor, to gain knowledge about the Governor and the Cabinet of the governor and for information regarding various consular products.
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Related: Just like most countries, the island territory of St. Maarten was impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. During the 2020 Remembrance Day commemoration speech, the current Governor, Eugene Bernard Holiday remarked:

Today May 4, 2020 we observed 2 minutes of silence in remembrance of the men and women who gave their lives in the fight to protect our democracy and freedom during War and peace keeping missions. Our yearly commemoration is our display of our appreciation for their sacrifices. And this year it takes on even greater significance against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s commemoration comes at a time when our generation is called upon to help fight the global war against COVID-19. A war that has disrupted our lives and way of living in so many ways. Today many among us are suffering with the corona virus and several families have lost a grandparent, a parent, a brother, a sister or a friend. In our effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 many among us are faced with the consequences of losing jobs or pay-cuts as businesses experience financial fallout. Marie Louise and I pray for everyone who are suffering as a result of the corona virus. And our hearts and sympathy go out to the families who have lost loved ones and friends.

As we take on this unprecedented public health and socio-economic challenge, we can draw inspiration from the courage of the men and women we honor on this Remembrance Day. We can, moreover, draw strength from our courageous men and women out there risking their own health to keep us safe and to provide for our essential needs. Everyday our health care professionals, our law enforcement officers, our grocery workers and other frontline employees remind us that our wellbeing and our country is worth fighting for. And as they do so, I express my deepest gratitude for their commitment, and I pray that God will keep them safe.

Although many of my family still live on St. Maarten, I moved to New York City to go to college at Columbia University in 2010 and then chose remain after graduation. I returned to St. Maarten in 2017 to help my family rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Irma. I also return each year for the annual St. Maarten Carnival, except for 2020. Instead on April 16, 2020 which would have been the opening of the 51st edition of St. Maarten Carnival it was postponed until April 2021. I wasn't surprised when my mother tweeted me: The SCDF just informed the general public that the Government of St. Maarten has decided to postpone Carnival 2020 in response to the rapid spreading of the COVID-19 Pandemic..

I wouldn't have even conceived of going considering that NYC was in the midst of being overwhelmed by the first surge of Covid 19. Long lines at the Trader Joe's grocery store here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, wearing masks, social distancing, the wail of ambulances all day, the cheering and clapping honoring our front line medical workers every night at 7:00PM were part of my 2020 Spring. Fortunately, I was able to continue my work as a web designer during that challenging spring of 2020. I didn't lose any clients, but we were all holding our breath to see what would happen. NYC made it through that difficult period, and the city is now open and bustling. In fact, I've even gained two new clients recently. One of them is a jewelry company specializing in exquisite sterling silver rings. Their craftsmanship is highly regarded, and they have a fantastic collection of jewelry that you can explore at I'm excited to work with them on enhancing their online presence and helping them connect with jewelry enthusiasts. The other client operates an online store selling customized sun bonnets, which will be perfect for when Covid restrictions are fully lifted. It's great to see businesses adapting and thriving despite the challenges we've faced.

With several vaccines being rolled out over the next couple of months, the folks on St. Maarten are expressing hope that the 2021 St. Maarten Carnival will be able to take place. I think that they are being a bit overly optimistic. However, I would love to attend, but that really depends upon the vaccine and whether the pandemic is under control.


Circa 2005 -2009


Welcome to the
office of the
Governor of the island territory of St. Maarten

The many and diverse responsibilities assigned to the office of the governor of the island territory, requires an adequate system for information gathering and information dissemination.

With this website, the office of the governor will, as an essential part of transparency in government, engage in the publicizing of certain initiatives as well as pertinent information on issues regarding the Island Government administrative organs, namely, the Governor, the Executive Council and the Island Council of St. Maarten.

Governors' meeting to be held in St. Maarten (February 3, 2006)

Great Bay - The governors of the respective island territories of the Netherlands Antilles will be meeting on St. Maarten next week, for their regular Governors meeting.

The island territories of Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius are all expected to be represented at the meeting, which gets underway on Wednesday and lasts through Friday upcoming.

The meeting is mainly scheduled to address law enforcement and immigration matters on the island territories.
The three-day meeting will further address, among others, matters related to immigration, the Safety and Security Plan of the Netherlands Antilles, the combating of (international) crime, youth crime prevention in the community districts, naturalization aspects, police affairs, the restructuring of immigration policies and the construction of a holding area for undocumented non-nationals on the island of St. Maarten.

His Excellency the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, Mr. Frits Goedgedrag, is scheduled to arrive here on Tuesday morning in order to join the discussions as well.

Press Briefing Elections 2006 (January 24, 2006)

The following statement was given by the Chairman of the Main Voting Bureau, Governor Franklyn Richards, at a press briefing held on January 24, 2006:

As we know, we are only days away from elections for members of the parliament of the Netherlands Antilles, which will take place on Friday, January 27, 2006, from 8 oclock in the morning to 7 oclock in the evening.
Here on St. Maarten, the Executive Council has designated 14 polling districts and respective polling stations, at which voters may cast their ballots.
Allow me today to mention the number of persons eligible to cast votes at the respective polling stations:
Polling station John Larmonie Center for Dance, Music and Art - 1759
Polling stations Sundial school and House of Detention House of detention - 1897
Polling station Genevieve de Weever school - 1495
Polling station Sister Marie Laurence school - 1450
Polling station Martin Luther King School - 1134
Polling station Milton Peters College - 1457
Polling station St. Peters Hillside school - 1339
Polling station St. Maarten Academy - 1420
Polling station Celebration Palace - 886
Polling station Raoul Illidge Sports Complex - 883

About F.E. Richards - Governor of St. Maarten

Franklyn E. Richards, born 1950, obtained his MULO diploma at the John Philips School in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. He obtained his degree in Government Finances at the Academy of Executive Affairs in Tilburg, The Netherlands, his bachelor degree in economics at the Academy of Economics (HEAO) in The Hague, The Netherlands, and his law degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

He served as head of the Finance Department of the Government of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten, from 1972 through 1979.

He accepted an official post with the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands in 1980 until October 1992.

In 1992, he accepted the position of technical assistant and became the first Dutch Antillean to return to Sint Maarten in that capacity with the duties as an administrative lawyer in service of the Executive Council of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten.

In 1996, he assumed the duties of sector director of Support Services of the Government of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten.

On September 22, 2000, he was appointed as Governor of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten.

Other activities in which he had been active, include his having served as chairman of the Foundation for Special Education of the Windward Islands, secretary of the Sint Maarten Housing Foundation, member of the University of Sint Maarten, member of the Higher Supervision committee of Sint Maarten, member of the Voluntary Corps of Sint Maarten, member of the workgroup on constitutional affairs, member of the Supervisory Board of Directors of the Sint Maarten Ports Authority N.V. and chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Directors of the Sint Maarten Harbor Holding N.V.

He is married to Angela Huggins and has two children.


Cabinet of the Governor

The Cabinet of the Governor is, after the Directors and the Island Secretary, the final place where advices and proposals to the Executive Council are evaluated in accordance with the prevailing rules and agreements. The signature of the one responsible is important, but not a decisive factor. The attention in particular is focused on:

  • the prevention of political ad hoc decision-making;
  • the necessity to maintain the budget as a steering instrument against the background of an adequate multi-annual policy planning and an multi-annual budget;
  • the resurgence of budgetary discipline and the optimizing of the tax collection. Many of these responsibilities and competencies of the office of the governor are related to the chairmanship of the Executive Council and the Island Council.  The remaining competencies (such as within the frame of higher supervision) demand a discretionary and legal approach.  The police regulations (PB. 1999 no. 79 as amended), the Law on the Admission and the Expulsion of Foreigners (PB. 1966 no. 17 as amended), and the Execution-decree of the Law on the Admission and the Expulsion of Foreigners (PB. 1985 no. 57 as amended) form the basis of the main-points of attention in maintaining the public law and order, public safety and immigration policy.

For instance, with regards to the government-owned companies, the cabinet is assisting the governor in his role as shareholders representative, mandated by the Executive Council, to address the compliance of recommendations made in operational audit reports of government-owned companies as well as a mutual synchronization of the activities of these companies.

Director of Cabinet is Ms. Ligia Stella. Other members of the cabinet are David Christian as section head press & protocol  Reinier van de Pol as senior administrative lawyer and Iliana Schotborgh as senior administrative lawyer. Evelyn Hodge is management assistant of the governor, Cheryl Dormoy is secretary of the director of cabinet and Alphonso Benders is chauffeur of the governor / support secretariat Director of Cabinet. Rose-Marie Vlaun, Minelva Alexander and Miguel Warner are with the protocol section.   

Ms. Ligia M. Stella MPSc
Director of the Cabinet

Mrs. Evelyn Hodge
Management-assistant of the Governor
Cheryl Dormoy
Secretary of the Director of the Cabinet
David Christian
Section head Press & Protocol
Alphonso Benders
Chauffeur of the Governor,
support secretariat Director of the Cabinet
Miguel Warner
Minelva Alexander
Rosemarie Vlaun
Iliana Schotborgh
Senior administrative lawyer
Reinier van de Pol

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